Volunteering at the Sarasota Film Festival

We have had such fun volunteering at the Sarasota Film Festival for the past two years and have made great friends as a result. We were so pleased that Marlene (Volunteer Coordinator) highlighted us in the Volunteer Newsletter.

SFF Stars

Volunteers: Alan and Ann Votta

Alan and Ann Votta first caught my attention at the Transportation meeting before the Festival with Ann’s beautiful and friendly smile and Alan’s killer mustache. Throughout the festival, the Vottas would always greet me with a huge smile, a big bear hug and a kiss on the cheek. It was during a quick moment of peace in Headquarters, when I learned about their past. Alan and Ann were highschool sweethearts, but they broke up in 1961. 50 years later, after three failed marriages between them, and after reuniting on Facebook, they were wed. Yes, you read the last sentence right…on Facebook.

As a past Junior High School English teacher, Ann wrote a memoir entitled “Reunited: When the Past Becomes a Present”. The book includes their individual stories and experiences and how they found each other again. I’ve started reading it and I’m already hooked.

Thank you Alan and Ann for reminding us to continue to have hope. We are so glad you are part of the SFF team!



About AV Publishing

I am an indie publisher with two books currently published; "Reunited: When the Past Becomes a Present", and "From Italy and Back: Coming Full Circle." The first book was published in July, 2013 and the second in October, 2018. My past professional life has been in education, consulting, coaching, and retail. I am currently focusing on memoir and travel writing.
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