Happy Holidays

Hi All,

I have not posted on this blog in a very long time. I must get myself back in the groove. I want to alert you to the promotion I am running for the holidays. I have discounted both of my books, Reunited: When the Past Becomes a Present, and From Italy and Back: Coming Full Circle, available through Amazon in both paperback and ebook editions.

I have also been at work at revising my first memoir, Reunited, for a release date in March of 2020, when my husband Alan and I celebrate our tenth anniversary. We are recognizing that significant milestone by taking a trip, starting with a 23-day transatlantic cruise from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Rome, Italy, with eleven stops along the way. We will then spend another ten days in southern Italy by retracing our steps from our previous trips to Puglia as referenced in my second memoir, From Italy and Back. I guess this will tie to the two books together even more. That’s our hope anyway. The revision of Reunited will give you a glimpse of the changes in our lives since our marriage in 2010, with some very significant improvements. Look for the revision sometime next spring.

Regarding other activities keeping us busy, my husband, Alan, has begun work on his own memoir–a compilation of stories and memories from his twenty-four years in the nuclear submarine Navy. The title of the book is “Once Upon a Time; This Ain’t No Bullshit–Real Stories from a Submariner”. He explains the title in his intro by explaining that when a sailor tells a story, he will begin by saying “once upon a time” or “this ain’t no bullshit” depending on the actual truth of the story. I believe the book will delight and engage many people, not only those who share direct experience with him, but everyone who likes a good story–as only Alan can tell. I will keep you posted on details and when it will be ready for publication.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays to all and check out my two memoirs on Amazon, B07JZDWVK9 and 09889757OX, and my websites http://www.fromitalyandback.com and http://www.reunitedalovestory.


About AV Publishing

I am an indie publisher with two books currently published; "Reunited: When the Past Becomes a Present", and "From Italy and Back: Coming Full Circle." The first book was published in July, 2013 and the second in October, 2018. My past professional life has been in education, consulting, coaching, and retail. I am currently focusing on memoir and travel writing.
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