So much has happened in the last two years and I have not been on this blog. And……we have gone through a pandemic!! What a time it has been. What a difficult struggle most of us have had during the past 21 months. It is about time for me to bring you up to date.

Our much anticipated 10th year anniversary celebration and trip to Italy was, of course, cancelled last March/April. We were so disappointed. However, we were so closely monitoring the effects of the coronavirus on our relatives in Italy and the horrible effects it was having on that country, that we could do nothing but try to stay safe and hope for the best for all of our loved ones. Therefore, what did we do from March 2020 till about May of 2021? Well, we stayed safe for the most part and did little of nothing else. We had groceries delivered and worked outdoors on our yard. And, oh yes, I got REALLY involved in growing orchids. That was a big by-product of all that time at home. I read, I looked at photos, I bought new species on-line, and I tended to my orchid babies. I learned how to water and fertilize and place them in my yard correctly. And I joined the Sarasota Orchid Society. Now I am on the Board of that group and have the title of Director of Development! We Zoomed meetings for an entire year.

The other big by-product of our time at home was that my husband, Alan, finished up his book…”Real Stories from a Nuclear Submariner: Once Upon a Time/This Ain’t No Bullshit.” And it is done and published as of this week. The Ebook is being uploaded today. We are both very excited about it because it was a work-in-progress for so long and now it is reality. I’m very proud of him and I think the book is quite good. We are both so eager to see the response to it. We will be attending the Submarine Vets Convention at the end of this month in Orlando and hope to sell some books there. The marketing campaign starts in earnest today as well. Here is the cover. Let us know what you think. The link on Amazon is http://www.amazon.com/dp/0988975750.


About AV Publishing

I am an indie publisher with two books currently published; "Reunited: When the Past Becomes a Present", and "From Italy and Back: Coming Full Circle." The first book was published in July, 2013 and the second in October, 2018. My past professional life has been in education, consulting, coaching, and retail. I am currently focusing on memoir and travel writing.
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